College Survival & Success Skills 101 - 2nd edition
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This fully updated and revised version of College Survival & Success Skills 101,
rich with anecdotes from students across the nation, is essential for any student
who wants to improve time-management and study skills, boost a college GPA,
get along with roommates, stay on track to graduate, become a world traveler
with opportunities such as study abroad and find scholarships and awards to
shrink the tuition bill. 

Not only does College Survival & Success Skills 101 show you how
to pack your college years with career-building experiences that can lead to
graduate and professional schools clamoring to admit you and employers offering
multiple job opportunities; this easy-to-use resource also shows you how to
avoid many of the pitfalls on a college campus and still have fun.

Whether you're a college bound high school student, an interested parent or a
currently enrolled college student, College Survival & Success Skills
is a navigational tool you can't do without.

College Survival & Success Skills 101 includes:

  • Easy-to-follow guidelines for succeeding in your classes and how to get help
    when you're not
  • No-fail techniques for securing high powered internships, co-ops, and summer
    jobs with a contact list for the top forty opportunities
  • An in-depth look at the top ten pitfalls to avoid in college
  • Step-by-step suggestions for building your credit responsibly and minimizing
    student loans
  • Ingenious strategies for combating loneliness and managing your social life
  • Little-known methods for winning scholarships and awards as a college
  • Sure-fire ways to help high school students prepare to enter college
    including a "What I Wish I Knew Before . . . " section from current college
  • Useful tips for making social media an asset and not a liability in your college life.

As president of The Scholarship Workshop, author of the highly
successful Winning Scholarships for College, and the winner of more than $400,000 in scholarship money,
Marianne Ragins has worked with students, parents, and educators as a
motivational speaker and educational professional dedicated to student success
for nearly twenty years. Ragins also graduated summa cum laude, with an
international internship, multiple job opportunities, and earned an MBA.

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College Survival & Success Skills 101 - 2nd edition

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